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The Curfew, Cleveland Place, Bath, UK

After a night running a night club, the last thing you want to do is get up and prepare and cook a large roast dinner, so a trip to the pub is not unknown. This Sunday (4th September) a group of us agreed to meet up at The Curfew in Bath.

The Curfew is just past Cleveland Bridge by the London Road.

A bunch of us have been eating at the Curfew for a while now, through at least one change of landlords and it used to supply a choice of meats, a veggie roast and high quality roast potatoes - sometime the veggies weren't as well cooked as you'd hope, but mostly it was good, value-for-money nosh. When the landlord changed food was off for a while so we ate at The Midland (until they stopped doing Sunday roasts) and now we're trying out the Curfew once more.

The staff are curteous and don't seem to mind a large group (8+) turning up and ordering ood at the same time. The choice of roasts was veggie or beef, so I plumped for the meat option and we waited. Not too long later (the pub was mostly empty) our meals arrived together.

I'm not sure why a roast should be served in a big bowl, but it is.

There is plenty of food, and I felt full when I was done but did have a few problems with the meal. The beef seemed to be a poor cut and I found it, and my veggies luke-warm. At least one other person did too, but the others were fine - perhaps such a large group does affect things. On the plus side the roast potatoes were excellent, the cauliflower was cooked to perfection and the carrots still had some crunch.

At £5.95 I can't critisize too much, the meal is filling and overall quality is above average. I'd like to see more choice in the roast options but many pubs only serve one meat on any given day. It's also the second time my meal has been luck-warm there, but I need to go along with a smaller group to see if that is common or caused by such a large group of people ordering at the same time.
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